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ZOTDM 2.2.1

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ZOTDM 2.2.1

This patch makes a change to the Play Area code and some changes to the anti weapon hacking code. This patch will be the final one for a couple weeks (unless something major breaks in which case I'll do my best to fix ASAP).

  • Leaving the Play Area will now turn you into a Zombie if you are outside of it for too long (kills you to respawn already a Zombie)
  • Anti weapon hack code has been updated to catch more specific weapons*

*For example, you cannot buy a Country Rifle until you have 100 score. So it will check if you have 100 score and if you do not it will reset your weapons and give you the starting weapons for the team you play on. Weapons such as a Minigun will simply automatically reset your weapons regardless of team.

That's it for this release.

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