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  1. If you kill someone, and don't stop shooting hes body when is dead, you will keep getting score. In the photo, I kill 1 time as Civ and 1 as Zombie LUIS_CAGAWACA, and got 6 kills and kill_streak as well. I think the bug's come when you kill somebody with M4/AK, TEC/UZI. A video here:
  2. I said it thinking of the person who is Zombie, it is a point where the human always has a total advantage over the zombie, they can destroy the zombie car, when zombie climbs are easy shots to kill them. But thinking it on Wolve said, variations are important exacly for that, to balance the Human vs Zombie, and more if the human don't use c-bug or slide bug to kill the zombies.
  3. It's sounds better than the original idea! I don't agree with parts of map, like the montains on the left, and the mine construction on the right of Fort Carson, but if they stay, it's fine.
  4. I like that, maybe can work pretty fine, since some players just, want to only escape of Zombies, when the idea of server is "Deathmatch", so a tiny area to play could work better. I agree with every rule except the one what I will comment below I personally don't like this, maybe it would be nice to have some way that they don't spawn on base, but if somewhere, not necessarily new bases, just spawn in a random sport like civilian does. Such a nice change! It will works depends of how many score you have? Looking forward to playing it! Have you thought about perhaps letting the bite work like this normally, in the future? Good work on update!
  5. I think it's fine also to Tyrant and Umbrella, (more knowing that on old servers you have to got 1000 zombie kills to got tyrant with perks), 500 sounds more logical since he will got a balance. But maybe for the S.T.A.R.S; 150 zombies as a human is a little bit hard to got and more if they are new members, and civilians will got the nerf. I think can be 150 normals kills, and maybe if in the future will add commands to STARS, 150 zombies as a human to unlock specific commands like /heal or /supply (example of old server). Plus suggest; maybe STARS can have antidote in STARS base like as Umbrella have it.
  6. Amazing, that changes sounds pretty fine. Maybe it should be adjusted too. Nice! The nerf to Tyrants looks very good, the nerf of bullets also sounds pretty fine. I concour on what Nobu said The "Infected!" will works good, maybe I don't know if it can scripted but, if you are infected you stay at least in 1hp and you cannot run to make more important go to Hospital. Maybe to future: STARS need 150 normal score, but if he want to /heal /supply or something like that need Survivor kills like "100 civilians kills", I don't now if is possible to put on that way, maybe is better to also bring more players to unlock it. And UMBRELLA need 150 normal score, but to can /inject need like "100 zomkills", or something like that. I remember on the old server, you got professional skills of weapons if u reach some score points (it was 1000 if I don't miss) on STARS and Umbrella, that gonna be putted? Nostalgic again about other team will got light blue like the old civilians 😀
  7. Thanks for ask Burridge, I also will try to explain the best I can, remember I'm from Argentina and mine English is not very good. I don't know how the people can click more on server, years back, in my case, start of play on server because I love play Deathmatch, also like much Zombies things like films or series, and this server just together both thinks that likes for me, so that do go on server. After entering the server (like on 2012), I found active administrators, almost without hackers, and with a small community that spoke Spanish, that already made me definitely stay and be the only server to play in SAMP. The thing who does me to back on server now in 2020 is nostalgia, since I play the server a lot of hours and too many years back, like since 2012 I think. It's part of mine childhood (I'm 20 now, but I start playing at 12 xD) Now speaking of how I see the server with respect to the past and some "suggestions": - I think maybe the civilians are too strong (to be the firts class than you normally got on server), just think about it, they now have kevlar, ak-47, deagle, very impenetrable base, faster cars on his base(comparing with the previous versions of the same). Maybe should re-add STARS to balance them and to give new players a scoring target as well so they can be an improved class, like with 50 score on civilians to go stars, and have /supply and /heal to help persons(like old versions) AND also /heal to himself(just to do better than civilians). - This is for the future: The perk /stun of tyrant just have to be eliminated, I remember just make angry players just going him and /stun and kill. Maybe Tyrants is good to have 500hp and have long jump maybe with like 500 zomkills, and they are team of zombies but with other colour, and visible on map, because if 500hp long jump and not visible I think it's a little bit OP, just like looking to say "oh there's a tyrant, he's like a boss, we have to group up and go kill him". - Perhaps to make it fairer, maybe the weapons of all classes have many bullets (if you're on an world with apocalypse, supouse to not have soo much ammo)(perhaps it is difficult to find the balance between little and much as it is still a deatchmatch team), and to make more sense of "amunnation" they should lower the number of bullets in general so that people seek to use more resources on the map(like ammunation /wepshop, hospitals and soda machines) -It is the same as when we saw yesterday that when people were /bite, they did not go to the hospital, alone, they died without trying to save themselves, maybe the solution to that is that they stay in 1hp instead of transforming until they grab the cure, also to make it more interesting for zombies - I agree very much with the things Wolverine has written top of me! I hope that my "suggestions" are of some use, and that it is understood as well as possible, perhaps in the future if I can think of anything else I will add more here.
  8. I'm saving the olds ip since 2014 I think 🙂
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