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    I agree with this. Worked wonders in RP, and I think fits in TDM. Only UC/STARS cars should have 100% fuel, I think. Why, though? I'd like to hear more about this idea. To understand how it would work with all the different teams.
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    Makes sense. I support this one. While I believe that we need more objectives instead of just killing each other, I'm not sure if this is the way to go. Specially since STARS is still under development, so to speak, and we don't know exactly how the team will equate into the bigger picture. I say we wait for the next releases before putting more thought into this. 🤔 I've suggested the use of particular weathers before, so I support this. I disagree with this one. I think zombies are powerful enough. Agreed. A cooldown would be nice. 30 seconds, maybe?
  3. Couldn't replicate it. Everything okay over here.
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    Back again

    Welcome back, man. Let's have some fun.
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    Glad you're here again. Welcome back!
  6. Players who were zombified while playing as S.T.A.R.S. cannot see other zombies in the map after being turned (or just choosing the zombie team via /team).
  7. I personally think the area limits are just fine. Variation in terrain is important and that area has just a bit of everything the gamemode needs. Also, on a different note, how about incorporating some sort of dynamic weather system? Make use of the misty and rainy weathers, for instance.
  8. I think this concept is, generally speaking, a good idea. What concerns me is how the change in dynamic might be jarring to new players (TDM in a small area versus TDM in a big area once a certain player number is reached). I feel if we go this route, things will be too restrictive. Instead, I think spawnings zombies and civilians in FC is enough, and then let UC spawn in their base (pretty close to FC) and STARS in the Big Ear or Toreno's (both pretty close to FC). This would give new players a better idea of how the gamemode works, while allowing them enough freedom to enjoy chasing/being chased. Nice little additions. More details always make things more fun. How about making players earn a certain amount of XP depending on the class they kill? e. g.: 1 XP for Zombies 2 XP for STARS and UC 3 XP for Tyrants Then we allow them to spend this XP to upgrade their class. Civilians, for instance, with a certain amount of XP and, say, 50 score, could "buy" a sonar (detects zombies within a certain distance). Naturally, this system would need some fine tuning, but I'm just painting a general picture of how that system could work. This will take more thought, so I'll just leave it at that and move on for now. I honestly don't remember how this works gameplay-wise, so I won't be commenting on this one. I like this one. I also have another idea for an event. It would be called Ship Survival. Players would be teleported to one of those ships near SF, and would have to survive a certain amount of time before a boat spawns, allowing them to escape (they'd need to get to the boat and navigate to a red marker, ending the event).
  9. Very nice! I wish I was there. 🙂
  10. Yeah, I was just throwing the idea out here to discuss, really. 150 kills in general for both STARS and Umbrella is perfectly fine.
  11. To me, the ideal requirements would be like this: Tyrant - Kill 500 humans as a zombie (so, just as it is now). S.T.A.R.S. - Kill 150 zombies as a human. Umbrella - 150 kills in general (no distinction between humans and zombies).
  12. Looking good! Also looking good. Since they have been merged, I think the text on the team menu should be changed to Zombie/Tyrant, just to make new players aware that Tyrants are a thing, avoiding confusion about the orange-named players. All good here as well. Same as above. I think a big red text with "Infected!" written on it would be enough. Just a single prompt once a player has been bitten. That's fair, then. No further changes needed here as far as I'm concerned. I think 1000 for the deagle and 1500 for the assault rifles would be enough. That way they still have a lot of ammo, and it feels rewarding to get to 150 score, while at the same time it's not an insane amount of ammo.
  13. You raise some great points. I think survivors should start with a Deagle (like 100 bullets) and a shotgun (100-200 shells or something). The rest of the weapons can be acquired on ammunation, as it is now. This way, STARS (while being a powerhouse the same as always) could actually help civilians survive by being able to give them a generous amount of ammo, kevlar, and curing them from infection. I also agree that the perks, mainly /stun, are too OP, but Burridge already said they'll probably be reworked in the future. I strongly agree that /bite should not kill the player. Just getting them down to 1 health would really be more fair. I don't remember at which rate do players lose health, but maybe that should be adjusted too. Edit: Also, requirements for Umbrella and STARS could be 100-200 zombie kills (i. e. zombies killed while playing as human)
  14. I'll try to explain the best I can. I think ZO-RP was one of the first SA:MP servers I joined. From the get go, I was mesmerized by the feeling the server gave me. As a player, I felt alone and in danger, and was hard-pressed to find other survivors and interact with them in order to survive. That gave the server a VERY interesting dynamic, which I believe is the core of what made/makes ZO-RP/TDM so fun. This dynamic I speak of, which is kind of a cycle, I shall explain now: If you're a human, you need to get to the other survivors to survive. This feeling is thrilling, because you don't know wether or not you're going to make it to the other survivors. Should you succeed in finding the others, there's a sense of accomplishment, and then comes the next fun part - defending the safezone. The safezones were always the places in which I had the most fun, because a) you know the zombies are coming, and you are going to make a stand. That's some adrenaline right there. and b) if you're a zombie, it's just too much fun succesfully tearing a safezone down. Seeing the other players panic and, one by one, turn into allies while others flee to set up a new safezone. To me, that is the core dynamic that makes the server a lot of fun. Of course the RP environment was also very significant, but the subject here is ZO-TDM, so I'm leaving that out. I still have a few things to point out, but I'll have to edit them in later, as something just came up over here. Moving forward, I'd like to break down the details that add up to the whole feel of the safezone cycle. First I'll talk about communication between players, and then I'll dive into the idiosyncrasies of each class. Even though ZO-TDM is not an RP server, there's still a communication component to it that helps driving home the zombie outbreak theme. Players would invite others into safezones, zombies would communicate their teammates the location of the safezones and loosely organize an attack (on ZO-RP, that is, where zombies had limited radar/map range). Those things were part of the fun, which leads us to the next topic: the players and their roles/classes. Here's a rundown of each unique class and why I think they had a good synergy: 1. STARS worked well in RP, because the players felt safer, and they actually took care of the survivors (organized the safezones, gave them rations, etc). I understand why the class seems redundant in TDM, but I believe there must be a way of bringing them back and making them relevant. 2. Umbrella works very well because they can just cause a ruckus wherever they go. Particularly when new players aren't aware of their /inject capabilities. Plus, they can kill whoever is in their way, making it double the fun. Shooting only zombies would be boring. Being able to shoot both zombies and a human team makes it fun. 3. Zombies are very fun to play. Joining up with other zombies to attack survivors is a blast. 4. Tyrants are even more fun than zombies. I told you yesterday about possibly changing their color to orange because I remember on RP, whenever Rufus Shinra showed up, I just panicked. It was a very fun experience. Plus, it's very fun to be this hard-to-kill killing machine, it's fun to succesfully escape a tyrant, and it's fun to kill a tyrant with the help of other survivors. It's all around fun, this one. 5. And finally, the survivors, while being a basic class so to speak, are the reason why all the other classes work. Zombies and Tyrants need to turn them; STARS needs to protect them; Umbrella can kill them or turn them. Alright, I think I've dragged on a little too much. 😆 So, to conclude my thoughts, I'm going to make a quicklist of things I'd change/add if I were an all-knowing mapping/scripting god (please note that most of these are things I've been wondering about, and they certainly need more thought put into them). - Change Tyrant's team color to orange (or whatever it used to be on RP), but keep the class requirements. - Add STARS again and give them something (skills, objectives) to make them feel compelled to protect survivors (would have to brainstorm for this one). - Add in mappings like the current survivor spawn point that would work as ideal places for safezones (thus allowing the players to jump from one safezone to another as the zombies break the last one). - Bring back the score requirements for STARS and Umbrella (rewards players for raising their score), and add in another basic class (e.g. Bandit), which would allow humans to kill each other, even if there are no Umbrella online. [Not really sure about this one, just throwing the idea out here. What matters the most here is creating some sort of meaningful progression to the players] And that's about it. Phew. I talk a lot. I hope it helps, though. 😄
  15. Yes. Looking forward to all the updates. 🙂 What a time to be alive. A lot of my favorite games from back then got remakes, and FF VII is just too special, right? Anyway, glad to be back. Cheers!
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