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  1. Marston

    Protect RP

    I understand. That's why I call it a bonus. For it to be old school again, most of the community would have to come back, and we'd probably have to get a couple years younger. 😆 Anyways, don't worry about expectations, Burridge. We're not expecting to go back in time or anything like that. Really. Thanks again. 😄
  2. Marston

    Protect RP

    This makes me happy. Personally, ever since the last time ZO-RP reopened and closed, I've always been comfortable with the idea that the old ZO-RP would never return. I still am. But giving it a shot like this, even if just with a few people behind it, is like a great bonus. I'm sure none of us have high expectations per se, but are rather excited to be able to give RP another shot. So thank you for allowing us the opportunity. You're the one who will spend time to make it happen after all. 😄
  3. Unfortunately, imageshack has absolutely rekt most of my screenshots. There are so many moments that it's difficult to pick the highlights. I'll try to access those screenshots once more. Edit: So, yeah, all the screenshots are technically there, but they're just not available anymore. What a bummer. To think I saved them there exactly to prevent this kind of loss. Anyways, I'm going to reminisce a few moments here: - When I first joined the server, I remember meeting Jakesta Powley and Vegeta Slix (I think) and just cruising around with them with my - at the time - deplorable RP skills. Simple, but fun. It's what hooked me to the server after all. - Most safezones at the top of the Emerald Isle. Especially when Rufus Shinra was on as a tyrant. I had to wear brown pants for the occasion. - My time at Red Tabs was definetely the main highlight of all my time on ZORP. RPing I was brother to Micaso Rodriguez (SOMEHOW), getting raided by The Survivors, and then later on raiding Red Tabs as one of them (had to highlight this even more, because it was one of the coolest RPs I've had), filling the stations with friends, having conversations at the gate... everything. - Being evil in UC was fun for some time. I'd never RPed a scientist, and I did that for some time playing Nicolas Lawson. I'd come up with all sorts of stuff. - Everytime we went "out of bounds" as SU was cool, because the RPs were exquisite. I participated in that only two or three times, but it was memorable nonetheless. - To be fair, all "out of bounds" RPs I participated in, with SU or not, were fun and different. I remember a particular RP in which @Vaccaria died and I, as Vic Marston, lost my shit. That's enough, I guess. 😄
  4. Marston

    Hey Guys!

    So good! Welcome back again, Seren!
  5. Marston


    I agree with this. Worked wonders in RP, and I think fits in TDM. Only UC/STARS cars should have 100% fuel, I think. Why, though? I'd like to hear more about this idea. To understand how it would work with all the different teams.
  6. Marston


    Makes sense. I support this one. While I believe that we need more objectives instead of just killing each other, I'm not sure if this is the way to go. Specially since STARS is still under development, so to speak, and we don't know exactly how the team will equate into the bigger picture. I say we wait for the next releases before putting more thought into this. 🤔 I've suggested the use of particular weathers before, so I support this. I disagree with this one. I think zombies are powerful enough. Agreed. A cooldown would be nice. 30 seconds, maybe?
  7. Couldn't replicate it. Everything okay over here.
  8. Marston

    Back again

    Welcome back, man. Let's have some fun.
  9. Marston


    Glad you're here again. Welcome back!
  10. Players who were zombified while playing as S.T.A.R.S. cannot see other zombies in the map after being turned (or just choosing the zombie team via /team).
  11. I personally think the area limits are just fine. Variation in terrain is important and that area has just a bit of everything the gamemode needs. Also, on a different note, how about incorporating some sort of dynamic weather system? Make use of the misty and rainy weathers, for instance.
  12. I think this concept is, generally speaking, a good idea. What concerns me is how the change in dynamic might be jarring to new players (TDM in a small area versus TDM in a big area once a certain player number is reached). I feel if we go this route, things will be too restrictive. Instead, I think spawnings zombies and civilians in FC is enough, and then let UC spawn in their base (pretty close to FC) and STARS in the Big Ear or Toreno's (both pretty close to FC). This would give new players a better idea of how the gamemode works, while allowing them enough freedom to enjoy chasing/being chased. Nice little additions. More details always make things more fun. How about making players earn a certain amount of XP depending on the class they kill? e. g.: 1 XP for Zombies 2 XP for STARS and UC 3 XP for Tyrants Then we allow them to spend this XP to upgrade their class. Civilians, for instance, with a certain amount of XP and, say, 50 score, could "buy" a sonar (detects zombies within a certain distance). Naturally, this system would need some fine tuning, but I'm just painting a general picture of how that system could work. This will take more thought, so I'll just leave it at that and move on for now. I honestly don't remember how this works gameplay-wise, so I won't be commenting on this one. I like this one. I also have another idea for an event. It would be called Ship Survival. Players would be teleported to one of those ships near SF, and would have to survive a certain amount of time before a boat spawns, allowing them to escape (they'd need to get to the boat and navigate to a red marker, ending the event).
  13. Very nice! I wish I was there. 🙂
  14. Yeah, I was just throwing the idea out here to discuss, really. 150 kills in general for both STARS and Umbrella is perfectly fine.
  15. To me, the ideal requirements would be like this: Tyrant - Kill 500 humans as a zombie (so, just as it is now). S.T.A.R.S. - Kill 150 zombies as a human. Umbrella - 150 kills in general (no distinction between humans and zombies).
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