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  1. I've the same thing. Additional info: If you click Left Mouse after spawn, it automatically shows you a team selection dialog.
  2. White marked players are visible on the map (while selecting a skin, i guess).
  3. After logging in, when choosing a skin, the players overlap each other.
  4. In Area of Play mode people need a more dynamic playzone. My suggestion, based on experience: Allow players to choose any team they wants and spawn them in random places of Area of Play. Statistics are always a useful thing. The most important thing is not to show everything on TextDraws that distract players from the game. Kill/Death/Ratio on screen will be enough. It will be quite difficult for new players to start playing. My opinion: good for RP but it's unnecessary on TDM. This sounds quite interesting. - - - Good luck working on update!
  5. Live


    Good video my friend.
  6. Live

    Chat color bug

    Just a little chat bug. Check the screenshot.
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