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  1. Amazing. Thanks for taking the time to write the post and thank you for being transparent with us. Understandably with the lower player count, I've talked with a few of the players and decided if the RP server was to become live we'd most likely be making unofficial factions which would still be a great thing. I think and hopefully think that people understand that the experience might not be the same currently with the low active population in the community but who knows if we get the RP server and it goes live maybe the community will grow. Even though the chance of the RP server is slim I do appreciate the effort you put through with the community and especially your thoughts on this topic. Thanks @Boone and @Burridge
  2. Vaccaria

    Death Bug

    I tested it with Seren, it seems that any death that tied to explosions will teleport you to Blueberry or possibly anywhere outside the play area (Respawned at Grove Street once). Tried with a car, heli, and the dodo. All 3 spawned us outside the play area with no weapons. It didn't give us a beer but it did give us a cigar. Did notice that when Seren had a cigar on his hand I could not see it while when I had the cigar on my hand he could not see it either. After /team'ing the cigars do stay when you have regained your weapons but same situation with seeing your own cigar without others seeing it.
  3. Some of my fondest memories on this server / in this community was constantly going on he forums and checking if any of the factions had any slots available. I remember I didn't quite make it into other factions besides Red Tabs. I remember writing my application and reviewing it multiple times. Posting it and waiting to get an interview. I remember getting my interview late at night and when I was accepted into Red Tabs I was jumping with joy. Remember sharing this moment with @Marston, RPing that he had gotten injured and I was doing some BS medical Roleplay. Through Red Tabs I remember the mechanics associated with it, refueling gas stations etc. Getting our own Heli. Red Tabs front entrance being updated. Having to get a macro to pre-load RP /me's. I remember the unofficial factions I was apart of: USMC and Forelli Crime Family. Thoroughly understanding Role play through mistakes and was taught by kind community members what was right and wrong. Definitely remember some of the people who partook parts of the journey with me.
  4. Starting up the discussion to remember good and old times for either ZO-RP or ZO-TDM. It can be from any moment whether good or bad, from your time in any faction (STARS, UC, Red Tabs, The Survivors, Tyrants, or an unofficial faction). If you have any pictures for old times sake toss them in there and share your memorable memories as well.
  5. Vaccaria

    Hey Guys!

    It's been awhile and I don't quite remember you but welcome back bro.
  6. Vic and I had a conversation earlier and brainstormed a couple of ideas that could be added or at least discussed and thought over. The first suggestion is adding more vending machines. There's currently one in Las Payasadas and the addition of more would be nice. Have vending machines spread out with a couple of them in Fort Carson and other areas that have buildings like the gas station near the old Red Tabs base. Also having them in the bases of UC and STARS would be great as well. It doesn't have to be plentiful but it at least gives the Survivors or the living an option to heal in the field. The second suggestion is adding a safe zone(s) objective. Just something else that preoccupies players besides just straight up surviving and killing others. Either set up one or set up multiple safe zones that members of each faction can occupy (STARS align with the Survivors) and give them perks of either cash for capturing and holding the safe zone or give them a bonus to their score. Not completely sure how it's going to be implemented but if possible, Vic and I discussed if there were a certain amount of players were on and a certain % of players were zombies the safe zone as an objective could be activated so it couldn't be abused by having everybody being all survivors or all live humans. The third suggestion is adding armor to be able to buy in the Ammu-Nations. The downside of being able to buy armor in the Ammu-Nation would be making it expensive ($5000 for buying armor maybe? Could possibly make it half $2500 ish?) The fourth suggestion is giving STARS the ability to administer the antidote to (Survivors, STARS, and UC maybe). With this ability put it on a cool down, maybe every 2 minutes or so it could be used. Feel free to critique or discuss about the suggested stuff. Vic and I discussed for a hot minute about the current stuff and stuff that we had back then and applying it into ZOTDM.
  7. Weather System is definitely something I can get behind with. I agree with Marston about the Zombie buff in accordance to time. Zombies are powerful enough as of right now and don't need a buff until we see how other classes will be improved. Cooldown on /bite is a great idea, maybe 15 seconds or so?
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