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  1. 1: when people leave the area they die. this can be abused to avoid getting killed by a zombie. my suggestion is when people leave the area and die. they will become a zombie. 2: maybe a donator team like the old days ? 3: maybe some random boxes that spawn with money, amour, or a little bit of ammo inside it. 4: a weather system for admins. 5: maybe when the clock hit 00:00 in game time. it give zombie a buff, like a bit more movement speed, or a little bit more health. 6: a cooldown on the zombie command /bite. when i take the anti-bite thing in game a zombie can spawn /bite.
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    hey guys! so nice to see the server is back online again 🙂 im a old player before the server stopped like 2-3 times i hope to see alot of old player,s and new player,s ofc! see u in game, greetings dinowesley. hacker hunter in action😉
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