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  1. Please continue the discussion on https://zo-rp.com/ from now on, thanks ❤️ accounts have been transferred from here so hopefully you will be able to login. Registration is disabled over there while we continue working on this. I even corrected the topic title there! Sorry for the brightness, will worry about that at a later time.
  2. To clarify on this point specifically; S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella will be coded into the gamemode from the beginning, well at least their base gates, spawns etc. I will probably keep the vehicles out until the factions are in use again. An idea I have been toying with for years and years now is dynamic factions. Instead of having hard coded factions like S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella I wanted to make a system which means unofficial factions became the official factions without the need to hard code anything. It would have meant more diversity and creativity however, I do not think I will go this route yet simply because such a system would be complicated and take a long time to get right, the effort required for such a system is not worth it at this stage in my opinion. That might change if things go well though. I have no doubts that when it goes live on the hosted tab that it will attract players. SA-MP seems to mostly be RP servers these days anyway, the biggest servers are at least - even if you take the Russian servers out of the mix. The playerbase of the mod has changed over the years and the servers that remain are mostly RP. There are better games out there for team deathmatch based gamemodes, whereas the type of RP you get with SA-MP servers is rather unique. I think it's more of a high chance that we will get to a beta stage for internal testing among the community here - meaning not on the hosted tab. It's whether we can get beyond that which I think we can, but we need to make sure the gamemode is stable, has enough features to bring people in, and some nice mapping, mapping probably being one of the most important aspects. In fairness, it isn't returning. Yes, it will have aspects that are the same such as the teams, team colours and core mechanics, but it won't be entirely the same as old school - if it was I feel it wouldn't be worth doing because the old school gamemode had a lot of problems and was very bare bones when you look at it critically. I realise I am being pedantic with this point but I feel it's one that should be clarified simply to avoid disappointment.
  3. Hello everyone, it is finally time to talk about RP. I realise several players have joined here wanting to see RP again and I, for the most part have been dismissive or ignored it. After seeing a message on Discord last night I have decided to respond here instead. At first I was apprehensive about doing anything for RP in a public, every since we shut it in 2017 I have still worked in mini features every now and again if time allowed me to do so. Some of those features even made it into the current TDM server, such as the Evacuation minigame. I mentioned on Discord a bit ago when discussing with a member of the server about the RP server and how I would be willing to place the old script online for those who might want it, that definitely drew some attention. However, doing that would not really be feasible. The reason for that is that the old scripts just do not work without major editing, or entire systems needing re-writing or I need to source old outdated plugins to make them work. The latest code is from 2017, a version known as RC5 however, that script is incomplete, and uses code from more than just myself which I felt uncomfortable reusing today. So, what I feel as though the best way forward in this regard is to make a new script. The base features in theory would not take too long to make as most of it can be taken from TDM's codebase, add some RP features and we have a gamemode! There is a caveat to this though; there will not be enough players to begin with, or even at all for there to be organised factions in place. So while S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella can be in place in code but no leaders or members to begin with. If players join and we get regulars we can place someone trusted to lead the organised factions. My days as S.T.A.R.S. chief are long gone! 👴 The experience, therefore, will not be what you might have wanted as there is more than likely going to be less players, and the factions will more than likely not be in place to begin with as like I explained above there won't be enough players for such things to be viable. Finally, I am not going to make a promise that it will be complete. Keep expectations low to avoid disappointment. One thing I will say, is when I have all the basic features in place I will open a server up for testing between us and I will make a section on here for bug reports etc. If it all goes well, we'll merge these forums and have an RP section and a TDM section. Sorry if this post seems rushed or doesn't fully get my point across it's because I am very tired. Feel free to use this thread to discuss and ask further questions.
  4. Have some very old screenshots.
  5. ZOTDM 18.09.2020 For patches going forward they will now be versioned based on the date of the last edit done to the gamemode. The date format is DD.MM.YYYY. I feel as though having this as a versioning method means people can see when the server was last updated much easier. General Changes The gamemode text on the SA-MP client now shows as "Zombie TDM DD.MM.YYYY" as having the word Zombie in the gamemode text makes it more likely to be found when players search for Zombie servers. The Play area is now the whole of the Las Venturas island rather than just Fort Carson and surrounding areas. Civilian and Zombie spawns are now back in the city. Added Hospital antivirus spawn in the city. Added vehicles to the city area. Removed the textdraw showing the version since the version is now just a date. That's it for this release. Suggestions can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/3-suggestions/ Bug Reports can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/4-bug-reports/
  6. ZOTDM 2.2.3 This patch is small considering the length of time between this and 2.2.2. This patch was worked on today. I plan to have some more patches come through in the coming weeks/months. General Changes Added dynamic weather which changes every hour Added /antidote for S.T.A.R.S. players Added the ability to buy full HP from the weapon shop for $2000 Balance Changes /bite and /inject now have a 15 second cooldown (down from 30 seconds) Armour now only costs $2000 Halved the score requirement for S.T.A.R.S and Umbrella to 75 (down from 150) That's it for this release. Suggestions can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/3-suggestions/ Bug Reports can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/4-bug-reports/
  7. In patch 2.2.3 I have added health to the weapon shop. Hmm, this idea could work. More discussion around it would be nice I think to see what other player's views are. Armour was introduced in the last patch, based on this suggestion. This is being added in patch 2.2.3.
  8. By the time have come round to replying to this (originally we weren't going to partake in these suggestion threads) this has been added to the gamemode. One day. I want to refactor the VIP team from the past and not make it as pay to win. I am unsure on this one. I don't really have an opinion on it. I think more discussion is needed around this idea. Admins already have /setweather. However, in patch 2.2.3 random weather which changes every 1 hour will be introduced. Unsure on this. I think Zombies are in a good place overall. The real task is overcoming the re-logging to avoid playing the team. Same as 1.
  9. Burridge


    I am unsure on this idea for TDM. It feels a little too close to RP. If people overall agree on having this in TDM I would be happy to add it. No. The only reason that lift ever existed was because at the time we had no ability to remove San Andreas objects like we do now. I quite like this idea. I would be inclined to lock it to civilians only as a way of making that team a bit more viable after you reach the score required to play S.T.A.R.S. or Umbrella. Only fellow civilian players would be able to join your gang as well which would get rid of the issue of multiple teams. Your allies in your gang could appear to you as a different colour so they are easier to identify.
  10. You can curate your own playlists using something like Spotify or Apple/Google music, even YouTube. There is no need for us to add such a feature, as it would need maintenance if URLs expire, or if we need to add new songs/remove old ones.
  11. ZOTDM 2.2.2 This patch makes a few tweaks to the gamemode as well as some usable admin commands for us to use from Discord. Infection Changes /bite and /inject now have a 30 second cooldown Players who heal with the antivirus are now immune to infection for 5 minutes Other changes Added armour to the Ammunation shops for $2500 Added some basic admin commands to the bot Minor tweaks to some player timers to make them a little faster That's it for this release. Suggestions can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/3-suggestions/ Bug Reports can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/4-bug-reports/
  12. ZOTDM 2.2.1 This patch makes a change to the Play Area code and some changes to the anti weapon hacking code. This patch will be the final one for a couple weeks (unless something major breaks in which case I'll do my best to fix ASAP). Leaving the Play Area will now turn you into a Zombie if you are outside of it for too long (kills you to respawn already a Zombie) Anti weapon hack code has been updated to catch more specific weapons* *For example, you cannot buy a Country Rifle until you have 100 score. So it will check if you have 100 score and if you do not it will reset your weapons and give you the starting weapons for the team you play on. Weapons such as a Minigun will simply automatically reset your weapons regardless of team. That's it for this release. Suggestions can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/3-suggestions/ Bug Reports can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/4-bug-reports/
  13. Thanks for the response! Closed.
  14. Update: Try now and let me know in this thread if it is fixed.
  15. I will look into it, and try to replicate it. Sounds like the timer that handles the button presses isn't being killed properly. Although I can't say I have noticed such a bug and that skin selection was something that I spent a bit of time on due to initial issues getting it to work properly.
  16. Issue has been resolved.
  17. Should be fixed on next server restart.
  18. Whoops, fixed and uploaded said fix. Will take effect on the next restart.
  19. ZOTDM 2.2.0 This update makes some major changes to the play area and some other quality of life changes. Play Area Play area has been reduced (see attachment) When you leave the play area you are given a 10 second chance to re-enter before the script kills you New vehicles added which replace the old vehicles and only spawn within this play area Survivors have new spawns Zombies have new spawns S.T.A.R.S. have new spawns Umbrella has new spawns (due to a clash with some vehicles added in this version) S.T.A.R.S. base moved to the Big Ear Ammunation from LV moved to Fort Carson Umbrella has more vehicles, and more variety Other Changes Fixed https://zotdm.com/topic/18-zombified-stars-cant-see-other-zombies-in-the-map New skin selection screen Skins now save to your account /setskin will update your database entry for your skin /team no longer kills you, just re-spawns you Removed the CJ skin That's it for this release. Suggestions can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/3-suggestions/ Bug Reports can be posted: https://zotdm.com/forum/4-bug-reports/
  20. Thanks for reporting this. I will look into it.
  21. That was the hope! What don't you like about it Onil? Easily done, we already have the time moving along every n amount of seconds so it's easy enough to do.
  22. Okay, so thinking upon the Area of Play I have a more refined idea: The play area is Fort Carson, A69, Big ear and surrounding areas (see below image). We lock players into the zone in red. Instead of dynamically making it bigger we make it smaller (than the current which is LV entirely), and leave it to that area, which given the play style of the server is still quite large. Then if the server hits n number of players. I'm thinking higher than 10 at this point (maybe 25-30+) as this new play area is large compared to the original idea posted in the topic. This would mean that the initial play area is large enough that you are not totally locked down to just one tiny town, but not too large that you can never find anyone. Alternatively we could just not expand the play area outside the one shown above, and trial this and see how it goes. Honestly I am of the same mind on this one, I mostly put it in to see the reactions. I wasn't planning on adding all of these to the UI, don't worry! The only thing I was thinking of adding to the UI is the number of Humans (Survivors, S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella) vs Zombies/Tyrants alive. I am happy to not include that in the UI though. Interesting ideas on that one. I like that idea of the sonar. It's easily done too. Love it! Unsure if I'd do that for this release but I am adding that to my book! This was discussed in the last thread, I am not convinced by it at the moment, and infection isn't super deadly honestly anyway. I think personally for now I want to leave /bite alone. The /bite might be even less effective with a smaller play area too!
  23. So as I stated last night on Discord I am making this topic as a discussion for the next version which for now I am naming 3.0.0. I suspect this won't be released for a week or two as the next week or so are rather busy for me sadly, but will be working on it as much as I can. Also depending on how some things go, they may get released as smaller versions instead (2.2, 2.3 etc.) if that seems like a better way forward. Area of Play This was discussed on Discord yesterday about reducing the area of play when there are less than n players online. At the moment my idea is based on less than 10 players. If the server has less than 10 players online the play area is locked to Fort Carson, and a tiny bit of the surrounding area. An ammunation will be added to Fort Carson. Some extra vehicles will be added to Fort Carson. S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella team selection will be disabled while this play area rule is in effect. Separate spawns for Survivors and Zombies. It sort of becomes a Humans vs Zombies (and Tyrants) TDM. Play area opens up automatically once 10 or more players are connected to the server. An improvement to the full area of play by alerting players when they have left it, respawning them after n amount of seconds outside it. New Statistics With this release I am thinking about adding some new statistics to keep track of. One of which is useful for the above changes to the area of play. A player count statistic for use with the area of play changes. A count for number of players on a team. A suicide stat for times you die by using /pkill or die without a killer (fall damage, parking on yourself etc.). A team changes stat so you can see how many times you have changed your team (might not go ahead with this one, seems a little useless). A "times turned into zombie" stat. Progression This one has the least amount of thought into it right now, just some notes on a page quickly scribbled. Suggestions for how to earn XP and maybe a way to spend the XP for something. Also ideas on what sort of things can be used for Achievements. Some sort of XP system. Achievements. Weapon skill being re-introduced. A new event Unsure on the name right now but a new event I came up with last night. When activated all human players are "infected". This type of infection does not kill you, but will leave you on 1HP. You cannot heal this type of infection. The idea is to survive as long as possible without being killed by an enemy team. Zombies cannot /bite humans during this event.
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