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    • Please continue the discussion on https://zo-rp.com/ from now on, thanks ❤️ accounts have been transferred from here so hopefully you will be able to login. Registration is disabled over there while we continue working on this. I even corrected the topic title there! Sorry for the brightness, will worry about that at a later time.
    • I found a few more memories, but I think this is the last of it considering I can't get into my Photobucket, some of my old ZO-RP artwork/admin sigs etc. Also featuring the one I made for Azzy. Remember these @Burridge?    
    • I understand. That's why I call it a bonus. For it to be old school again, most of the community would have to come back, and we'd probably have to get a couple years younger. 😆 Anyways, don't worry about expectations, Burridge. We're not expecting to go back in time or anything like that. Really. Thanks again. 😄
    • I'm so happy to hear this, ZORP has a lot of memories on it, and it will be a great experience to finally hop in ZORP once again!, Much love Burridge and thanks again for considering our needs 🙂❤️ 
    • To clarify on this point specifically; S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella will be coded into the gamemode from the beginning, well at least their base gates, spawns etc. I will probably keep the vehicles out until the factions are in use again. An idea I have been toying with for years and years now is dynamic factions. Instead of having hard coded factions like S.T.A.R.S. and Umbrella I wanted to make a system which means unofficial factions became the official factions without the need to hard code anything. It would have meant more diversity and creativity however, I do not think I will go this route yet simply because such a system would be complicated and take a long time to get right, the effort required for such a system is not worth it at this stage in my opinion. That might change if things go well though. I have no doubts that when it goes live on the hosted tab that it will attract players. SA-MP seems to mostly be RP servers these days anyway, the biggest servers are at least - even if you take the Russian servers out of the mix. The playerbase of the mod has changed over the years and the servers that remain are mostly RP. There are better games out there for team deathmatch based gamemodes, whereas the type of RP you get with SA-MP servers is rather unique. I think it's more of a high chance that we will get to a beta stage for internal testing among the community here - meaning not on the hosted tab. It's whether we can get beyond that which I think we can, but we need to make sure the gamemode is stable, has enough features to bring people in, and some nice mapping, mapping probably being one of the most important aspects. In fairness, it isn't returning. Yes, it will have aspects that are the same such as the teams, team colours and core mechanics, but it won't be entirely the same as old school - if it was I feel it wouldn't be worth doing because the old school gamemode had a lot of problems and was very bare bones when you look at it critically. I realise I am being pedantic with this point but I feel it's one that should be clarified simply to avoid disappointment.
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